Q 1. How do you know what is needed?

Q 2. How can they be ‘for Eastington people’?

Q 3. What does ‘Affordable Rent’ mean?

Q 4. Are you building or being supported by  any ‘market housing’

Q 5. How can it help limit other development?

Q 6. Isn’t there enough affordable housing in the WoS development?

Q 7. Can I buy one?

Q 8. How do I go about renting one?

Q 9. When will they be ready?

Q10. Won’t the houses be swallowed up by the Right to Buy over the years?

Q11. What is a 106 agreement and why is it important?

Q12.  I have heard the CLT will not have legal control over the properties, is this true?

Q13.  Do I need to be a member of ECLT to apply for one of the houses?

Q14.  What is the  NDP ( Neighbourhood Development Plan)?

Q15.  What is ‘Locality’?

Q16.  Will ECLT have input to the design of the site and buildings?